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Medical consultations, treatment and rehabilitation
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Medical consultations, treatment, and rehabilitation

Colaboration partners of the Berlin Clinic:
1. University clinics (of Hamburg, Bonn, Erlangen, Nuremberg, Munich, Regensburg, Heidelberg).
2. The Asklepios Group of Clinics.
3. Four practicing clinics in Bavaria.
4. The specialized centers of oncological therapy:

4.1. Cyberknife (Robotradio surgery for tumors size from 1 to 5 cm). The treatment of malignant brain tumors is provided (gliomas, intracranial metastasis, benign brain tumors, craniopharyngiomas, meningiomas), as well as for vascular pathologies – MRI, extracranial tumors of the scull base, throat fractions, spine, pelvis, liver, lungs, pancreas, prostate, and soft tissue.

MRI of the Left Temple Lobe. San Bortolo Clinic, Italy
Frederico Colombo, M.D.

Meningioma of the Vision Tract. Barrow Neurological Institute, Arizona, USA
John Cresle, M.D.

4.2. Deep hyperthermia – local and general (under control of the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Image Device)

4.3. The Heavy Ion Therapy – a skull base tumor treatment. The therapy cycle takes on average 15 days. Treatment of children’s head, throat, nasal sinus cavities, salivary glands, prostate, adenocarcinoma, and stomach tumors is provided. The effectivity of the therapy is over 70%.


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